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Név / name: Dr. Pataricza János
Positions: Associate Professor of pharmacology
Telefon: +36-62-545-674

Date of birth: 1954, Szeged, Hungary

Marital status: married, 2 children

Educational background:
-1972-78, graduated as M.D., University Medical School of Szeged, Hungary
-1996, Ph. D. degree (Pharmacology of platelet activation and smooth muscle tone with special respect on phosphodiesterase inhibitors
-1998, Clinical Pharmacology Specialist Diploma

    -1989-1990, Huntington Medical Research Institutes, Pasadena, CA, USA

Academic career:
    -1981-present, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged, Hungary

Research Interest:
    -pharmacology of the smooth muscle
    -pharmacology of platelet aggregation

Teaching experience:
    -pharmacology -undergraduate level
    -vascular pharmacology- postgraduate level

    -Hungarian Society of Pharmacology
    -Hungarian Society of Cardiology
    -International Society for Heart Research, European Section (ISHR-ES

Editoral work:

-British J. Pharmacology
-Journal of Clinical and Basic Cardiology

Publication Records:
  44 full papers

Impact factor: 55,875 

Idézettség: 417

Important publications:

Ambrus N, Szolnoky J, Pollesello P, Kun A, Varró A, Papp JGy, Pataricza J: Prolonged antispasmodic effect in isolated radial artery graft and pronounced platelet inhibition induced by the inodilator drug, levosimendan.
Basic Clin Toxicol. 110: (3) pp. 269-274, 2012.

Pataricza J, Krassói I, Ambrus N, Bitay M, Varró A, Papp JGy: Interspecies differences and extracellular calcium dependence in the vasorelaxing effect of cromakalim in isolated human, porcine, and canine coronary arteries.
J Cardiovasc Pharmacol Ther. 15: (3) pp. 289-295, 2010.

Szolnoky J, Ambrus N, Szabo-Biczok A, Bogats G, Papp JGy, Varro A, Pataricza J: Biseko((R)) colloidal solution diminishes the vasoreactivity of human isolated radial arteries.
Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 36: (1) pp. 143-147, 2009.

Szolnoky J, Ambrus N, Szabó-Biczók A, Bogáts G, Papp JGy, Varró A, Pataricza J: Kolloid és krisztalloid oldatok hatása humán arteria radialis bypass graftok tónusán in vitro.
Cardilogia Hungarica 39: (2) pp. 135-139.

Nagy N, Szűts V, Horváth Z, Seprényi Gy, Farkas AS, Acsai K, Prorok J, Bitai M, Kun A, Pataricza J, Papp JGy, Nánási PP, Varró A, Tóth A: Does small-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel contribute to cardiac repolarization?
J. Mol. Cell. Cardiol. 47: (5) pp. 656-663, 2009.

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Kun A, Király I, Pataricza J, Márton Z, Krassói I, Varró A, Simonsen U, Papp JGY, Pajor L: C-type natriuretic peptide hyperpolarizes and relaxes human penile resistance arteries.
J Sex Med. 5: (5) pp. 1114-1125, 2008.

Pataricza J, Krassói I, Hőhn J, Kun A, Papp JGy: Functional Role of Potassium Channels in the Vasodilating Mechanism of Levosimendan in Porcine Isolated Coronary Artery
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Pataricza J., Hohn J., Petri A., Balogh Á., Papp J.Gy.: Comparison of the vasorelaxing effect of cromakalim and the new inodilator, levosimendan, in human isolated portal vein.
J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 52: 1-6, 2000.

Pataricza J., Penke B., Balogh E.G., Papp J.Gy.: Polarographic detection of nitric oxide released from cardiovascular compounds in aqueous solution.
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J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 50: 667-671, 1998.

Pataricza J., Tóth G.K., Penke B., Hohn J., Papp J.Gy.: Effect of selective inhibition of potassium channels on vasorelaxing response to cromakalim nitroglycerin and nitric oxide of canine coronary arteries.
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Tóth G.K., Pataricza J., Janáky T., Mák M., Zarándi M., Papp J.Gy., Penke B.: Synthesis of two peptide scorpion toxins and their use to investigate the aortic tissue regulation.
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Menon N.K., Pataricza J., Binder T., Bing R.J.: Reduction of biological effluents in purge and trap micro reaction vessels and detection of endothelium-derived nitric oxide (Edno) by chemiluminescince.
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