Aiman Mohammed

Tel.: 36-62-54-56-84
Fax: 36-62-54-56-80


Place and date of birth :  Yemen, Aden, 1986.

2005–10 Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy), Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Aden, Aden, (Yemen)
2017–20 M.Phil. (Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy), School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shandong University, Shandong (China)
2020–2024 PhD student, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged, Szeged (Hungary)

Language skills: English, Arabic, Chinese (Basics)

Workplace, positions:
2020–2024 PhD student, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged, Doctoral School of Multidisciplinary Medicine, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. András Varró

Relevant Work Experience:
(Sep 2017- July 2020) Institute of Biochemical and Biotechnological Drugs, Shandong University, China
(Oct 2010- Jul 2017) Lecturer Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Aden, Aden, (Yemen)
(Jan 2013- Dec 2016) Senior Product Specialist at BAYER Pharmaceuticals
(Nov 2010- Dec 2012) Senior Product Specialist at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Cardiovascular line

Outstanding Medal for the second top position in Pharm-D (2010)
First position in the professional competition of drug awareness and risk management skills 2011 (Amman Jordan), 2014 (Berlin Germany).
China Development Bank Excellence medal for outstanding international students 2018.
Excellent Award for The Extraordinary Yemeni Researchers in China 2020.

HEC_Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme (2019/24 academic year).
CSC, Chinese Scholarship Council (Sep 2017- Jul 2020)

Main research areas:
Cardiovascular Pharmacology (Cellular cardiac electrophysiology and pharmacology)
Polysaccharides pharmacology

Scientific metrics:
Total number of publications: 5
Total impact factor: 17.8
Conference abstracts: 2


1. Mohammed, A. S. A., Tian, W., Zhang, Y., Peng, P., Wang, F., & Li, T. (2020). Leishmania Lipophosphoglycan Components: A Potent Target for Synthetic Neoglycoproteins as a Vaccine Candidate for Leishmaniasis.2020.
Carbohydr Polym. 2020 Jun 1;237:116120. doi: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2020.116120.

2. Mohammed, A. S. A., Saeed, O., Moogam, O., & Yahia, A. A. Bin. (2018). Degradation Study of Different Brands of Ceftriaxone Injection Available in Aden City.
city. Univ. Aden J. Nat. and Appl. Sc., 22(1), 215–221. https://Www.Researchgate.Net.

3. Nasr A. Galib, Khaled S. Ali, R. T. M., and A. S. A. M. (2017). Phytochemical Screening and Thin Layer Chromatography of Acacia Etbaica Ssp Uncinata Leaves
World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 6(12), 1278–1283.

4. M. Alshakka, Mohamed Azmi Hassali, Heyam Ali, Aymen Saleh Abdulla, P Ravi Shankar, Huda Basaleem, M. I. (2017). Medication Safety Beyond the Hospital and Role of Pharmacists in Ambulatory Medication Safety Process.
Journal of Pharmacy Practice and CommunityMedicine.2017;3(2):43. doi:10.5530/jppcm.2017.2.12.

5. Mohammed, A.S.A., Naveed, M. & Jost, N. Polysaccharides; Classification, Chemical Properties, and Future Perspective Applications in Fields of Pharmacology and Biological Medicine (A Review of Current Applications and Upcoming Potentialities).
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