Dr. J.Gy. Papp

Name: JULIUS GYULA PAPP, MD,PhD,DSc,FESC, academician
( Dr. Papp Gyula )

Present position: Research Professor, Division of Cardiovascular Pharmacology; Professor Emeritus, Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy, Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical Center, University of Szeged

Professional Address: Division of Cardiovascular Pharmacology,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences and University of Szeged
H-6701 SZEGED, Dóm tér 12., P.O.Box. 427 - Hungary

Telephone: +36-62-545-681
Mobile phone: +36-30-9535-688
E-mail: papp.gyula@med.u-szeged.hu
Home page: http://web.med.u-szeged.hu/phcol/staff/pappjgy.htm

Date and place of birth: 29th August, 1937, Szigetvár (Hungary)
Marital status: married with two children (wife: Helen Németh MD, PhD, DSc; children: Andrea Papp MD, PhD and Eszter Papp MD)

1955-61 University Medical School of Pécs, Hungary
1961 M.D. degree ("Sub auspiciis Rei Publicae Popularis" - with Gold Ring from the President of the Hungarian Republic)


1961-1967 Departments of Internal Medicine (Cardiology) and Pharmacology
University Medical School of Pécs, Hungary
1965 Institute for Circulation Research, Berlin (for 6 months)
1968-1969, 1971, 1981
Laboratory of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Department of Pharmacology
University of Oxford (cooperation with E.M. Vaughan Williams) - International Fellow and Visiting Lecturer
1968 C.Sc.med. (Candidate of Medical Sciences, equivalent to Ph.D.), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
1982 D.Sc.med. (Doctor of Medical Sciences, the highest Hungarian medical scientific degree), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
1990 Visiting Professor, University of Paris

Assistant Professor, University Medical School of Pécs
1970-1979 Adjunct and Associate Professor, Medical University of Szeged
1979-1991 (Full) Professor, Medical University of Szeged
1991-2001 Professor and Chairman, Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy, Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University, Szeged
1993-present Academician - Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2001-2007 Professor and Head, Division of Cardiovascular Pharmacology,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences and  University of Szeged; Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Szeged
2007 - present Research Professor, Division of Cardiovascular Pharmacology,
Hungarian Academy of Sciences and  University of Szeged

1. World Heart Federation (WHF)
General Secretary (1999-2003)
President's Adviser for Eastern Europe (1997-present)
Impending global pandemic of cardiovascular diseases
('White Book') (1999-present)
Task Force on Cardiac Rehabilitation Education
(in cooperation with WHO) (1996-2001)
2. International Society and Federation of Cardiology (ISFC)
Drug Committee Member (1990-93)
3. International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy (ISCP)
Executive Board Member (1997-2009)
Emeritus Board Member (2009-present)
First Vice President (1999-2001)
4. European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
Board Member (1984-94)
Councillor (1984-88)
Treasurer (1988-92)
Vice-President (1992-94)
Working Group on Drug Therapy in Cardiology (1992-94)
Research & Training Fellowship Committee (1992-94)
Scientific Committee (1984-96; 1999-2004)
Nucleus of the Working Group on Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Drug Therapy (1990-2004)
Nominating Committee (1996-1998)
5. International Cardiological Institute for Therapeutic Research (ICITR)
Board Member & Scientific Adviser (1986-1996)
6. Alpe Adria Association of Cardiology
President (1994-95); Executive Board Member (1992-1998)
7. Hungarian Society of Cardiology (HSC)
Board Member (1976-present)
President-Elect (1990-92)
President (1992-95)
Past President (1995-1998)
Honorary Life-President (1998-present)
Scientific Committee (1998-2004)
8. Hungarian National Heart Foundation
Board Member (1993-1998)
9. Hungarian Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
Honorary President (2006-present), President (2000-2001), Board Member (1983- ), Member (1967-present)
10. Hungarian Professional Council on Cardiology
Member (1992-2009)
11. Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Corresponding Member (1993-1998)
Full Member (1998-present)
Member of Committee for Drug Research & Pharmacotherapy (1974)
Member of Scientific Committee (2011-present)
12. Hungarian Ministry of Health
Ethics Committee for Clinical Pharmacology and Drug Trials (1996-2006)
Board Member:
Medical Research Council (1997-2006)
Committee for Experimental & Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Abuse and Addiction (1999-2009)
13. Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University
Vice-Rector & Chairman of the Scientific Committee (1991-2001)
Professor (full 1979-present) & Department Chairman (1991-2001)
Committee for PhD & Habilitation (1994-2000)

14. University of Szeged
Committee for Habilitation (2000-2006)
Scientific Council (2004-2011)
15. Division of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
      and University of Szeged

Professor & Head (2001-2007), Research Professor (2007-present)

American Heart Association, Council on Clinical Cardiology : International Fellow
Hungarian Society of Cardiology
European Society of Cardiology (Fellow: FESC)
International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences (Fellow)
International Society for Heart Research
The New York Academy of Sciences
Hungarian Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Pharmakologie
British Pharmacological Society
Hungarian Physiological Society
Histamine Club
Royal Society of Medicine (London) (Fellow)
Corresponding Membership
Portuguese Society of Cardiology
Spanish Society of Cardiology
Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (Co-editor) ( 1996-2009),Editorial Board Member (2009-present)
Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy (Associate Editor) (1999-2001), Editorial Board Member (2001-04)
Basic Research in Cardiology (1989-92)
Cardioscience (1989-95)
Cor et Vasa (1993-2004)
European Cardiology Journal by Fax (1999-2010)
European Heart Journal (1979-84)
Dialogues in Cardiovascular Medicine (1999-2008)
Pharmacology and Therapeutics (1983-92)
Archives internationales de Pharmacodynamie (1976-1990)
Cardiologia Hungarica (1976-2005)
Portuguese Journal of Cardiology (1990-2010)
New Trends in Arrhythmias (1989-present)
Journal of Basic and Clinical Cardiology (1998-2010)
Acta Physiologica Hungarica (1999-2016)
Physiology International (2016-)
Timely Topics in Medicine: Cardiovascular Diseases (Internet) (1997-present)
Current Atherosclerosis Reports - Hungarian Edition (2001-2006)
Current Opinion in Cardiology - Hungarian Edition (Chairman, Editorial Board) (2002-2006)
Orvosképzés (Medical Education - in Hungarian) (2002-present)
Acta Biologica Szegediensis (2000-present)
Heart Drug (2001-2006)
Cardiovascular Diabetology (2003-present)
Thérapie (2013-present)

a) Cardiology and cardiovascular pharmacology
Medal of Merit from the European Society of Cardiology (1988 and 1994)
Gold Medal, Yugoslav Society of Cardiology (1989)
'Pro Societate' Medal from the Hungarian Society of Cardiology (1995)
Medal and Diploma from the Polish Society of Cardiology (1994)
Pro Merito Medal from the Hungarian Society of Cardiology (2003)
Commemorative Medal from the Hungarian Society of Cardiology (2007)
Gold Medal, Hungarian Society of Cardiology (2011)
György Gábor Medal (2011)
Great Medal with the Chain, Hungarian Society of Cardiology (2017)
Honorary Membership and Diploma of Merit from the
Czech Society of Cardiology (1995)
Croatian Society of Cardiology (1995)
Hellenic (Greek) Society of Cardiology (1993)
Italian Society of Cardiology (1996)
Romanian Society of Cardiology (1994)
Slovak Society of Cardiology (1994)
Slovenian Society of Cardiology (1996)
Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences (1994)

b) Other awards
Széchenyi-Prize (1999)
Albert Szent-Györgyi Prize (1994)
Issekutz-Prize (1996)
Order of Merit, Hungarian Republic-Officer's Cross (1996)
Academic Niveau Prize (2002, 2009)
Batthyány-Strattmann Prize (2003)
Einthoven Medal of Distinction (2007)
Lőw Memorial Plaque (2009)
Klebelsberg-Price (2012)
Hungarian Order of Merit-Middle Cross (2012)
White Rose Order, Finland (1995)
Medal of Merit, Polish Society of Cardiology (1994)
Hippocrates Award, England (2009)


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Publication records:
335 full papers in journals
[252 in foreign (English, German or French) languages] on cardiology, cardiovascular pathophysiology and pharmacology. The total number of references to publications, including books and book-chapters amounts to 8935 out of which  7340 references are independent. Hirsch index: 45. g index:78.

Selected full papers:

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